Be the first to win this PC, Join the Komando Representative Program now. image source komando

Be the first to win this PC, Join the Komando Representative Program now.


Be the first to win this PC! Join the Komando Representative Program

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A month ago, we revealed the Komando Diplomat Program, which rewards you, our dedicated perusers, with cool prizes when you get loved ones to agree to accept Kim’s free bulletins.

Be the first to win this laptop! Join the Komando Ambassador Program

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Presently, we’re kicking it up an indent. We’re giving ceaselessly a free 2-in-1 Efficiency Workstation and Tablet by Komando for the principal individual to allude 25 individuals to agree to accept Kim’s free bulletins. This is an unbelievable arrangement!

Rush, this offer is constrained, and the PC will be out the entryway soon! Read on to get the subtle elements, so don’t miss it.

Komando Representative Program

In the first place, more about Kim Komando and the Komando Envoy Program. You know Kim is the go-to master for guidance on everything advanced. From the best PC to the most recent cell phones to how to secure yourself on the web, Kim has the appropriate responses on her week after week radio demonstrate that achieves 6.5 million audience members.

What’s more, those answers are here, likewise, at Hunt and find all that you require for your computerized way of life.

What’s more, for those of you who get Kim’s free email bulletins, we’d like you to tell your companions how incredible and instructive they are. The new Komando Envoy Program is our approach to remunerate you for imparting our pamphlets to your companions. You allude your companions to join to get Kim’s free pamphlets, and when they buy in, you get a point. The more focuses you gather, the cooler the prizes you’ll get.

The most effective method to begin

In case you’re not officially joined to get Kim’s bulletins, you have to do as such first before you can allude companions. Tap or snap here to buy in, at that point return to this page.

On the off chance that you as of now are joined, tap or snap here to go to the Komando Envoy Program page.

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Enter your email address in the space above and click “Send me my connection.” Your connection will sit tight for you in your inbox with guidelines on what to do.

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The connection sent to you will take you back to your devoted Envoy page where you can begin alluding companions. Enter their names and email addresses. You can include more companions by tapping or tapping the blue “+” box. Include upwards of 10 every day. Bookmark this page so you can return to it later.

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When you’re set, tap or snap “Welcome.”

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Twofold check the data, at that point tap or snap “Send solicitations.” It’s that straightforward!

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You’ll see your referrals and when they selected. Keep in mind this about referrals:

Referrals should be genuine individuals totally (we check)

We will satisfy arranges once every month so be tolerant, your prize will come

Your referrals will be followed; see what you get when you achieve your objective

Keep your devoted page connect conveniently and inquire later to perceive what number of companions you alluded really have bought in and perceive what number of focuses you’ve earned. Keep in mind, you just procure prizes when they buy in.

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Watch out for your referrals page. It’ll demonstrate to you what number of supporters you require until the point that you get your next prize.

The prizes anticipate

What do you get for buying in your companions? Prizes from the Komando Shop!

For five referrals, you get this Komando waterproof pocket.

Image Source Komando

Ten referrals get you this convenient Komando trio charger.

Image Source Komando

With 25 referrals, you get this advantageous Extravagance 360 degree Komando telephone holder ring.

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There’s an uncommon presentation for you on the off chance that you get 30 referrals: A microfiber material and marked picture of Kim.

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With 55 referrals, you get the Authority Komando shoreline towel.

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For 100 referrals, you win this #GOKOMANDO Shirt.

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This Komando remote Bluetooth speaker anticipates you for 250 referrals.

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Score 400 referrals and you win this Komando Dashcam Ace with night vision.

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The uncommon prize for you!

A portion of those prizes may appear somewhat distant at the present time, however now, we’re making you an extraordinary offer.

The primary Diplomat to achieve 25, which means 25 individuals that he or she alluded has agreed to accept Kim’s free email bulletins, will get a substantially greater prize than ordinary. This uncommon victor will get the 2-in-1 Efficiency PC and Tablet by Komando.

Image Source Komando

Typically, this exceptional workstation and tablet are worth 600 points, so this is an extremely extraordinary arrangement, yet the primary individual to achieve 25 points will get this magnificent PC.

Rush, we have a couple of Envoys near achieving that limit as of now! We should see who arrives first!

Try not to pause! Agree to accept the Komando Envoy Program and begin alluding loved ones at this point. Begin winning prizes, as well.

Watch this video for additional on the Komando Representative Program.

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Source Komando

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