Exceptional Apps & devices to maintain Your baby safe. on the net & on the street.

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Exceptional Apps & devices to maintain Your baby safe. on the net & on the street.

Many children these days have very smooth get entry to to the latest technology – net being the scariest considered one of them, if you ask parents and teachers. even as there’s a totally tremendous side to the fact that net is being utilized by children to enhance their information with just a few clicks, one of the foremost concerns stays that it is not a completely safe location for a child. With cases of cyber bullying, frauds and scams surfacing so frequently, it is pretty natural for dad and mom to be worried whenever their infant picks up a cellphone or pill to browse.

luckily, while era reasons misery, it’s miles generation that involves the rescue as well. there are various apps that have been developed with the sole cause of giving dad and mom peace of thoughts with regards to the protection in their youngsters. And it’s not just about protective them at the internet; these apps are supposed to hold an eye fixed on their whereabouts, to discover them in time of need, to provide them with tools to attain out for assist, and greater. operating dad and mom are also nerve-racking when they have to depart their children behind for long hours. For them, and lots of others, right here are 10 apps which could assist make sure a safe surroundings for your baby, and additionally assist them sleep peacefully at night.

1. eKavach


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this is a virtual parenting app supposed to growth attention amongst parents approximately their youngsters’s on-line sports. to be had in Android and iOS systems, eKavach became released ultimate year through a Delhi-based totally technology begin-up, Certus technology. Noopur Raghunath, mother of a ten-year-old, is the brain behind the app. She become concerned about her son’s obsession with net browsing, and determined to do something about it. dad and mom simply want to down load the app on their cellphone, and on their kids’s telephones or capsules. this is how it facilitates them:

manipulate packages: eKavach tells parents what packages are being used by a infant, and how much time he/she spends on any precise app. It additionally affords records approximately new apps established.
internet filtering: It lets in parents to block positive net classes, content, websites and so on. mother and father can also set cut-off dates on web browsing, and enable safe seek options to make sure that a baby does not encounter any person, profane, or objectionable content while looking for something.
Get real time alerts: eKavach video display units the child’s on-line sports all of the time. The instant any boundaries set by mother and father are breached, the app sends a notification on their phone. One also can receive SMS indicators in case the internet isn’t operating. The app additionally makes the details of a child’s whereabouts to be had at the map, and permits children to send SOS messages in case of a problem.
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2. Angel child tracking


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Bangalore based totally Krishnendu Dasgupta, a telecom industry veteran, developed Angel baby monitoring device after the incident of rape of a 6-year-vintage lady at a college in the town. it’s far a GPS- and GSM-card-enabled tool that can be carried with the aid of a child like a cellular telephone, or can used like an id card given in faculties, for this reason monitoring the area. It additionally permits mother and father to study the real time surroundings of a toddler. For this, they can call the machine. It does not ring however the name receives replied routinely and mother and father can pay attention all that is occurring round the child.

mother and father also can create secure zones through inclusive of all the usual locations that the child visits every day, and get alerts if the device is someplace else. They get a notification when the child leaves one secure sector, and then again while he/she enters some other. parents can get entry to the tool via their computers, or the safe In metropolis Android app that changed into additionally evolved with the aid of Dasgupta.

Weighing 25 grams, the tool can register mobile numbers so that it will be called routinely in case of an emergency. it has been differentiated based totally on age of kids. For kids under six, there are no buttons at the tool, and it’s far completely far off controlled. Angel sweet, made for slightly older youngsters, permits kids to make a name as nicely.

“We’re very precise about the gadgets getting used for youngsters beneath 12. teens want their privateness and we ought to recognize that. The kids, but, honestly like having the tool, as do their mother and father!” Krishnendu Dasgupta advised Deccan Chronicle.

3. IT Act, 2000 & Cyber regulation India


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that is an app that became advanced with the goal of making cyber cognizance in India amongst all sections of the society. With tips for fashionable safety on the net, the app is very beneficial for kids, educators, and parents. It offers facts on a way to be safe at the net, and also explains the cyber regulation as relevant in India, inclusive of the statistics technology Act 2000, as amended by IT (amendment) Act, 2008.

With the help of the cyber dictionary, the app facilitates people get acquainted with the jargon, so that it will understand the regulation and the various cases in a simple manner. there is a dedicated alternative named cyber safety guidelines for children that dad and mom can go through, even as also studying about extraordinary cyber law cases to apprehend conditions higher.

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4. safe Browser


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this is a cloud-based totally browser that video display units extra than 8 million websites and one thousand million web pages each day to prevent children from commencing beside the point pages. on every occasion a baby browses the internet, this app will make sure that he/she is not capable of attain the incorrect places.

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five. children location


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There are visitors inside the residence. Your infant asks for your cellphone and you already know you will now not be around to test what he/she is the usage of it for. What do you do? This parental manipulate app can come handy in such situations. It an app that launches parental manage and infant lock kits to shield sensitive records and restrict children from accessing person content or apps that aren’t age suitable. It also prevents children from downloading needless apps, substances etc. just run youngsters region earlier than handing the phone to the child and you’ll be set.

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6. Talkative mother and father


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Wouldn’t it be excellent if you got a chance to interact with mother and father of other kids on your toddler’s school room? And no longer simply throughout determine trainer meeting, but every time you want? well, now you can! it is now and again essential for exceptional mother and father to have interaction with each other as a way to assist every different. So, Bengaluru-primarily based Mahesh Vorkady, released the Talkative dad and mom app remaining yr.

With a database of 6,900 faculties and over 2,000 active users, the app connects the parents of children analyzing within the identical magnificence. known as the social community for mother and father, this app permits dad and mom to chat with one another. It enables them pool sources, share records, coordinate a infant’s tour to and from college, preserve up with assignments, study tuition alternatives, and so much extra. It additionally offers colleges the choice to ship notices, files, files and so forth. to mother and father.

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7. BabyChakraapp4

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Many first time mother and father are frequently hassled by means of the severa alternatives of child care facilities to be had these days, with without a doubt no records approximately which one is consider worthy. To assist them out of their distress, Naiyya Saggi from Mumbai started an internet platform that connects parents to childcare services and products. She came up with Babychakra after discovering several fb pages that have been full of questions from concerned mother and father approximately various offerings available for their child. BabyChakra enables dad and mom discover plays faculties, doctors, products, events associated with children or parenting – all at one vicinity. With the assist of critiques from different dad and mom, they may be able to take extra knowledgeable and confident selections.

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8.Its My Child


this is a complete app that enables mother and father hold music in their child’s physical safety and academic achievements, whilst additionally dealing with healthcare, digital conversation and socialising. developed by means of entrepreneur Adris Chakraborty and tech expert Animikh Sen, the app has the following alternatives:

Emergency alerts – Sends an alert to 6 contacts from your infant’s telephone in case of an emergency.
• discover My baby – facilitates parents discover their toddler with only a click.
• Ping my baby – facilitates dad and mom hook up with their infant.
• find a medical doctor – quickly search for a medical doctor nearby in case of an emergency.
• phone safety – dad and mom can set utilization limits, instances and categories on their infant’s phone.
• fitness – allows parents to hold whole fitness information on line.
• recollections – parents can also keep unique moments and achievements in their infant, all at one place.
• event Calendar & Reminders – installation reminders for all academic and non-instructional activities.
• school Notifications – schools can send notifications to person mother and father or common bulletins to all of us.

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9. youngsters television


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need to be sure that your child is watching the right matters on-line? Then this is the right app for you. children television is meant for youngsters and adults to enjoy watching baby pleasant movies on YouTube. dad and mom can look for their child’s favorite movies. The app additionally affords the option for mother and father to suggest a video clip that might not be to be had on the app however is there on YouTube, by means of filling out a easy shape. choice may be finished on the idea of age institution and language. This way parents may be sure that the child is looking age appropriate matters on-line, and does not come across something objectionable.

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10. MamaBear


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This all-in-one parenting app creates a non-public hub for families to interact. It has numerous social media tracking features, circle of relatives mapping capabilities, signals approximately cyber threats to youngsters, and more. parents can know wherein their child is, what is on their social media web page, and additionally get indicators if someone within the family is over dashing.

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