In view of what I have seen, if achievement were simple, everybody would do it.

In view of what I have seen, if achievement were simple, everybody would do it.


In view of what I have seen, if achievement were simple, everybody would do it.


Being in prison is an ordeal I will always remember. I was 16 years of age. My Mom and I had quite recently gotten away from socialist Czechoslovakia by driving through Hungary to Yugoslavia and having left our auto up in the Alps and moving into Austria. We had experienced the mountains with minimal more than a shrouded US $100 charge and the garments on our backs. We had military helicopters hovering over our heads for some time. We were frightened. I was only a normal young person with enormous hair, a major mouth, and small self-regard. I positively wasn’t exactly arranged to get away from a nation. It appeared that we are never fully arranged with the huge strides we have to take in our lives. My mom nearly slipped off a bluff at one point and she could have lost her life on the off chance that she hadn’t figured out how to recapture her adjust.


When we at long last made it to Austria, we were depleted, energized, confounded, and a mess of different things. By a chain of happenstances, we wound up at the police headquarters where we experienced the scrutinizing and fingerprinting process. We assumed that we would soon be headed to the displaced person camp close Vienna and, not long after from that point forward, in our approach to Canada or some other favored free nation that would take us. Yoohoo. Flexibility found!


Off-base. It was getting late during the evening and we required a place to rest. The cops called a couple of lodgings and afterward, they said they will take us to The Town Jail for the night. At to start with, I thought it had been only a fascinating lodging name.

It wasn’t. At this correctional facility, an alarming lady resembling the sidekick from Frankenstein played out a body look and took away our belts and our shoe bands. At that point, we were taken to the cell, our new “home”.

Two lofts. A gap in the ground for a lavatory. A three-foot heap of no-nonsense explicit entertainment. A water fixture that would just turn on all things considered. An entryway with no entryway handle. To put it plainly, not a place to welcome somebody on a sentimental date.

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The prison watch left and the huge steel entryway behind us got close. The following thing I recall is the uproarious quiet and reality began to soak in. “This is an opportunity? We didn’t agree to accept this!”

At that point, things deteriorated. We got overlooked. We should remain for one night yet no one yet we appeared to realize that. I was beginning to see how zoo creatures must feel and I thought about whether adapting a few traps may expand our odds of being recalled.

When we, at last, got discharged, heaven still wasn’t found. We remained in an evacuee camp for five months. Anybody utilized in an organization experiencing cutting back can identify with the instability of not knowing whether there is an occupation to be had the finish of the following day. In the camp, individuals didn’t know whether they had a nation to live in and the burdens were colossal. Notwithstanding coming to Canada was extreme. We didn’t know the dialect or the way of life. Things appeared to get harder and harder, for quite a while, before they showed signs of improvement. On the off chance that we had a choice of backpedaling home, we would have likely done as such. Be that as it may, this failure to turn back and surrender made us continue on and discover an existence we couldn’t have had back there.

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Have YOU at any point gotten yourself into a circumstance where you trusted you would enhance your present situation, just to locate various things that you didn’t “agree to accept”? Possibly you began a business or landed a position that didn’t begin well. Possibly you were hitched and things got intense. Frequently, in life, things get uglier before they improve. In the event that you need something, continue onward, don’t turn back in light of the fact that things aren’t simple at the time. In view of what I have seen, if achievement were simple, everybody would do it. On the off chance that you need an outcome seriously enough, you will get it however you should hold up and do what is important. Handle the difficulties existing apart from everything else in innovative ways, however never swing back to abandon what you need!

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