Inspiring story Of Kibera Kenya, A mother’s life within the Kibera slum Image Source Pinterest

Inspiring story Of Kibera Kenya, A mother’s life within the Kibera slum


Inspiring story Of Kibera Kenya, A mother’s life within the Kibera slum
“My dream would be to depart the slum, board the town and be able to have a stable life. we have a tendency to were abundant happier before living in the slum. I came to Kibera forty years past, my daughters and grand-daughters were born here. Kibera is that the sole place they saw.” Mama Molen

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The Kibera slum is found in the national capital, the capital of Kenya. It’s an area wherever poorness meets misery, wherever correct sanitation doesn’t exist, wherever safety isn’t ensured, and wherever dignity has been replaced by survival. In Nairobi, there square measure roughly a pair of.5 million slum dwellers in regarding two hundred settlements. This represents an hour of the city’s population occupying simply 6 June 1944 of the land. The Kibera slum is home to 250’000 folks and Mama Molen’s family is an element of it.

Fortunately for Mama Molen, she stumbled upon some exceptional citizenry within the slums, these folks provide over they receive for the well-being of the local people. they’re all a part of an equivalent project referred to as From Kibera amorously. This organization was created to interrupt this fateful pattern of misery and provide an opportunity to folks and their youngsters to own a special perspective in life.

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 from Kibera amorously


For the seventy-seven youngsters, returning to the center means that breaking far away from the chaos of the slum to enter associate surroundings wherever their self-development is that the priority.

Their lives within the slum are usually underprivileged from love and hope, and also the folks at the project try not solely to finish their scholar education, however conjointly to assist them to become freelance, improve their health and respect themselves.
But From Kibera with Love’s work doesn’t stop there, they conjointly have interaction the oldsters on a deeper level: The Microcredit Program. typically folks rely upon a few resources to financially offer basic desires for his or her family. Some even have none and square measure obligated to urge into massive amounts of debts. The Microcredit Program could be a resolution to it.

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The idea of the program is to lend tiny loans hebdomadally to folks that lack decisive funding, so as for them to start out their own businesses. Mama Molen started the program 2 years past, she currently owns a really widespread crisp search, that has awakened the keenness of the many locals around Kibera.

The program allowed Mama Molen to be financially property and has provided higher has to her daughters. On high of that, she currently features a house with electricity once solely 2 hundredths of Kibera have access thereto.

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 Kibera slum, However, this can be not the tip of the story, she’s acutely aware she’s still living in the biggest slum of Japanese Africa and is hoping for a brighter future. an area wherever she’ll see her daughters reach university, wherever she is going to not be discomposed by the access to sanitation and drugs, and wherever she’ll be able to offer food and shelter to her future generation.

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This women’s strength associated want to achieve life is an example for all people.
Let us take a bit longer to understand and worth the items that we have a tendency to decision “little” in our day to day lives. I’m talking regarding drink that’s not impure, consumption three meals daily, having access to a top quality health care system, free education and far a lot of.

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