Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra ; Organised by ISKCON Punjabi Bagh,Come and be part of us on this auspicious occasion. Image Source Planet ISKCON

Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra ; Organised by ISKCON Punjabi Bagh,Come and be part of us on this auspicious occasion.


Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra; Organised by ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, Come and be part of us on this auspicious occasion.

Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra; Hosted by way of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh

Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra
Public · Hosted by way of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh
Sunday at 15:00–20:00
four days from now · 27–33° Rain Showers
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ISKCON Punjabi Bagh
41/seventy seven West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India 110026

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The festival of Chariots (Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra), is coming properly right here in Punjabi Bagh on sixth August 2017. Starting from Jwala Heri market, this system starts off-evolved from 3 pm onwards and ends at Janmashtami Park, observed through scrumptious prasadam.
Sankirtan, song, dance, feast and lots greater in save for you. Come and be part of us on this auspicious occasion.

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Sunday, 6th August 2017
Start 3 PM Jwalaheri Market & Ending Janmashtami Park.

At the peak of Indian summer time, proper at the beginning of the Monsoon, the Lord of Puri is going to his garden palace for the annual summer season holiday. Originally the festival has its basis in the residents of Vrindavan bringing back their Lords, Krishna, Balaram and Lady Subhadra from Kurukshetra.

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Today in Puri He, the Lord of the Universe travels in some style from his temple in Puri to his lawn temple, located out of doors the city center referred to as Gundicha. Thousands of Hindus flock to see and to tug the grand chariots from one temple to the alternative. The English word “Jagannath” comes from the giant-chariots of Lord Jagannath of Puri. The British have been so greatly surprised by the dimensions of the chariots, they coined a phrase for it!

In Puri, Lord Jagannath is worshipped with his elder brother Bala-Rama and his sister Subhadra. Each sibling has his / her own chariot and is going to the summer season residence with first rate pomp. Each of the chariots is protected in the extraordinarily colored fabric. Various symbols and signs help pilgrims distinguish between the three gods. As a mark of respect, and humbleness, the king of Puri sweeps the chariots of the Gods of Puri. Festival begins with a large fanfare of conches, trumpets, drums, and cymbals. Accompanied by tune and dancers, the divine travelers begin their adventure to the lawn temple.

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In order to house the 3 chariots, the road main from the main temple to the lawn temple could be very wide. Temples, ashrams, resorts, lodges, stores, and mansions of the antique aristocracy line the course. All buildings are colorfully embellished with flags, buntings, and awnings of vivid shades. Ladies in colorful saris crowd the balconies, doors and home windows decked with plants. Men and girls rush to pull the chariots along this primary avenue of Puri. This is an interesting time in Puri. The Lord who’s hardly ever glimpsed outdoor his inner sanctum is now without problems handy to all people inside the streets of Puri!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, away from the innumerable temple servants, far from their spouses, the siblings experience their “Vrindavan-like” lawn retreat. The temple habitual within the lawn temple could be very an awful lot secure in comparison to the principal temple. Various festivities and amusing are planned for their short stay in this leafy abode. ( Depending on the lunar cycle, this festival can final everywhere from 1 – 2 weeks. )

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As the Lord has simplest taken his brother and his sister on this vacation, the better halves are left at home! Alone and brooding, Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), seeks help from Goddess Vimala to get their husband lower back. Traveling by means of the night, in a closed palanquin, she arrives on the lawn temple of the Lord. She enchants the Lord and entreats him to return.

A few days later, Lord returns to his town temple. Though delighted, goddess Lakshmi orders the temple doorways to be close in His face – within the useless desire of coaching Him a lesson! In the communique that follows, girl attendants (dev-dasi) of the Goddess blame the Lord for being inconsiderate, “Jack the Lad”, taking His wife as a right and being ways too easily led by the in-laws (sounds acquainted?).

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The temper of the sevaks in Puri is that Jagannath is their buddy rather than Him being their Master, as in other lilas. In many cases, the citizens of Purushottam Sri Kshetra make many comparisons with their own lives in managing Jagannath. These intimacies reflect the general mood, and convey the tradition of historical past of Jagannath’s original coming to Puri many hundreds of years earlier than and the first rate pursuits of the saintly Indradyumna Maharaj vision of the Lord, Visvavasu the Sabara’s attachment to the Lord as Nila Madhav, and eventually the mystical look of the Dharu-Brahma from which the primary Deities were carved by using the architect of the devas Vishvakarma, the magical sporting of the log by the descendant of Visvavasu (Virabhadra) that many elephants and guys couldn’t budge. Such incredible depictive pastimes make one’s hair stand in horipulations at their recitation.

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Today in Puri Lord’s servants explain that He truly had no desire, as they create Him back that He went in opposition to His will, He nonetheless loves Her deeply and respects Her noticeably!! Eventually, the Lord gives the female gate-keepers bribes and enters the inner sanctum to pacify the Goddess Lakshmi. Such are the dramas of a married man’s life! The next day, Lord and the Goddess another time seem within the public, reconciled and as loving as ever. Lord’s summer season holiday is over, and existence within the superb temple returns to its age old recurring.

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Of all of the festivals, the Ratha Yatra of Jagannatha is the maximum well-known. This takes place on the second day of the waxing phase of the moon of the Asadha month. Jagannatha ordered King Indradyumna to take him to his birth vicinity, the Gundica Mandira (symbolically Vrindavana), in this day.

Jagannatha’s ratha is marked with a chakra and Garuda, is yellow in color, with 4 white horses. The protective deity is Nrsimha.

Baladeva’s cart is blue, with a palm tree insignia, and 4 black horses. The protecting deity is Sesa. Subhadra’s cart is black, with lotus insignia, included by way of Vanadurga.
Sudarsana is performed first and located on Subhadra‘s cart. In succession Subhadra, Baladeva, and Jagannatha have moved to their carts the usage of silk ropes. After being situated on their carts they’re embellished and worshipped. Midway on the journey, the carts forestall, the deities are bathed in Panaca MRTA and cool water, and naivedyam and aratrika are provided. On arrival at the Gundica Mandira, aratrika is offered, and then the deities enter the temple for rest.

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On the fifth day of the lunar month, referred to as Hera (seeking out) Pancami, Laksmi comes looking for Jagannatha with Siva and her maid servants. When the servants of Jagannatha see her at the first gate of the Gundica Mandira, they near the door of Jagannatha’s bhoga Mandira in order that she can’t see him. She will become irritated and breaks a bit of Jagannatha’s ratha. After taking a meal she returns to the primary temple.

On the ninth day of the moon, the go back Ratha Yatra takes area, and Laksmi and her servants come to fulfill Jagannatha. Jagannatha gives her his garland to appease her.

Several days later on devadasi, Laksmi closes the temple doors in anger and her servants quarrel with Jagannatha’s servants. After Jagannatha concedes defeat, the doors are opened once more.

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