So are you an active or passive man or woman? Image Source drjamesdobson

So are you an active or passive man or woman?


So are you an active or passive man or woman?

Active human beings use the Internet to express themselves and learn about their world…passive people watch TV.

Active human beings strategize their existing plans and paintings to perform their goals…passive humans wait for a miracle.

Active people cook their dinner fresh…passive human beings microwave some thing frozen.

Active people walk around a brand new city they are exploring…passive human beings take cabs.

Active humans spend their lives pursuing their goals…passive people have a midlife disaster.

Active human beings don’t look forward to the possibility, they create it…passive humans need it exceeded to them.

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Active human beings blog, publish op-eds to their newspaper, and are influencers…passive human beings in basic terms consume news.

Active human beings make their personal critiques on matters…passive people let others make up their minds for them.

Active human beings analyze all their options and pick earlier than you decide…passive people go with something is easiest.

Active human beings build their personal…passive human beings purchase it.

Active people are artists, writers, developers, influencers, trendsetters and choice makers…passive people simply are.

Active humans volunteer, provide calls to movement, help others and make their international better…passive human beings bitch.

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Active people make art…passive human beings negatively criticize it.

Active people read and have an endless thirst for knowledge…passive human beings haven’t studied an e-book since university.

Active humans are passionate…passive people don’t realize the meaning of the word.

Active human beings spend their weekends pursuing their goals, interests, and inspiring others…passive human beings spend them on the sofa.

So are you an active or passive man or woman?

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