How to make Mango ‘aam’ dishes by way of Chef Narayan Salunke are special Image Source ndtv

How to make Mango ‘aam’ dishes by way of Chef Narayan Salunke are special

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How to make Mango ‘aam’ dishes by way of Chef Narayan Salunke are special

Mango Pickle by Chef Narayan Salunke
Ronak Y Mastakar speaks to Chef Narayan Salunke who has curated special Mango dishes with scrumptious spins

Summer is on us, and the solar god is blazing down on its full glory. Sipping on all matters cold, gorging on ice-cream is rapidly turning into a common sight (along with purchasing for summery clothes, of course). But it’s no longer just the heat that the season brings with it; what it additionally brings is king of culmination, the powerful Mango – the fruit that could be a favored not just with children, with the elderly as well.

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All is forgotten when one is savoring the ones delicious, succulent mangoes especially in the consolation of 1’s domestic. And you probably don’t even reflect on consideration on the outside heat or will cross on to disregard your siblings who are possibly sitting subsequent to you eyeing those mangoes. Beyond the candy, luscious flavor of mangoes, they also have the capability of creating the grown-usainto a kid again.

Standing proud, as ‘The King of Fruits – Mango’ a timeless favorite of Indians, in no way fails to thrill one’s palate. Chef Narayan Salunke, Sr. Executive Sous Chef – Radisson Blu Resort, Alibaug has given a twist to the fruit and curated scrumptious mango recipes to indulge the flavor buds. From highly spiced chutney to tangy pickles to candy jams, these recipes are sure to satisfy your each mango yearning season.

Chef Narayan Salunke

Mangos are a refreshing and scrumptious deal with, whether they’re on their personal or fused into recipes. Being a seasonal fruit, they may be utilized in diverse food preparations – coolers, salads, curries and cakes in special cuisines. Originating from the Konkan belt and having traveled across the vicinity, I grew up studying the conventional ways and techniques of Mango arrangements. I try to get the proposal from what I learned as a toddler and comprise them in modern approaches in the recipes I dish up at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug,” Chef Salunke says.

Being a native of the Konkan area, Chef Salunke says his circle of relatives has usually experimented with mangoes in traditional recipes. “The neighborhood tradition and traditions witnessed by using me considering the fact that adolescence evokes me to convey out the culinary artwork with seasonal fruit of our location. Variations of the fruit have additionally instigated me to create exclusive recipes,” he provides.

Apart from mango, Chef Salunke unearths culmination like Kokum, Strawberry, Kiwi, Tamarind, Jackfruit, Banana, Chikoo and Apple right elements in dishing up some specific dishes.

Mango Chutney


Ripe Alphonso Mango Dices 150gm

Fresh Tender Coconut 100gm

Green Chili 2 to three

Small Garlic Cloves 2 to three

Tamarind Pulp 1 Tsp.

Jaggery 1tsp

Salt for taste


Grind all substances besides mango & make the best paste

Roughly chop the mango

Mix the chopped mango within the paste

Best while served with parathas or dal rice

Kairi Aani Kandyache Takku (Grated Raw Mango & Onion Pickle)


Grated uncooked mango 150gm

Grated onion 100gm

Kashmiri chili powder 50gm

Jaggery 30gm (non-compulsory)

Salt to taste

For Tempering/ Tadka:

Mustard 1tsp

Curry leaves five-7 leaves

Hing 1tsp

Oil 30ml

Methi seeds ½ tsp

Turmeric powder 1 pinch

Method: –

Peel & Grate the onion and the uncooked mango

Mix grated onion, chili powder, grated raw mango, salt & jaggery in a bowl

Simultaneously, warmness oil in a small frying pan for tempering (Tadka) the components

Add mustard & fenugreek seeds to the heated oil and crackle them

Then upload turmeric powder, Hing & curry leaves within the pan till it modifications color, fry the mixture nicely at a low flame so that you don’t burn the tempering

Pour the entire tempering at the side of the oil in the aggregate, garnish if required.

Best when observed with Chapatti or Curd Rice

Kairi Aani Kothimbiricha Tikhat Jam (Spicy Raw Mango Jam)

Ingredients: –

Raw Mango 150gms

Jaggery 100gms

Chopped Green Coriander 50gms

Degi Chili Powder 1 Tsp

Roasted Cumin Powder 1 Tsp

Salt to Taste

Method: –

Boil the uncooked mango, peel and get rid of the seed

Mix the raw mango pulp, jaggery, roasted jeera powder & chili powder to a bowl

Slowly cook dinner this mixture & lessen

It turns into thick & brilliant like a jam

Spicy jam is prepared. Keep in a fridge

Serve with parathas, bread, and phulka.

Coconut Mango Oatmeal with Cinnamon Hint


Shredded soft coconut 50gm

Coconut milk 150ml

Oats 150gm

Ripe small diced mango 150gm

Castor sugar 30gm

Dry end result 20gm

Honey 20gm

Cardamom powder 1 pinch


Stir all the elements collectively in a bowl & cowl & go away it overnight.

Recipes by means of Chef Narayan Salunke, Sr. Executive Sous Chef at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug

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